The network is a crucial element of Meeting Design and event ROI part 2

Last week, we published a post on how network considerations are a central part of Meeting Design – coming out of a webinar presented by Mike Clanton in partnership with Meeting Professionals International – “The Tradition Planner & Supplier vs. The Network Connected Conference”.

We’re following up with the second part today, focusing on the traditional event planner and how they achieve maximum ROI by promoting a successful event. We’re developing fact sheets that will bring all these ideas together shortly but wanted to kick off the event planner focus with the key points.

The event planner can move their conference or meeting to a new level by building network capabilities into the heart of their meeting design – simply because the explosion of connectable mobile network devices over the past three to five years has made this an imperative. In other words, your network is the circulatory system for your event.

Image of Meeting Design event network circulatory system MMP

Meeting Design:  Network at the heart of a Circulatory System for your event

Meeting design at this level begins with the search for a trusted IT influencer and inviting them to attend the venue site survey. You need to conduct a complete network review before choosing the venue.

It’s also crucial for meeting design to have an understanding of the network habits of your attendees and their device usage, by group type: (i.e. general attendee, exhibitor, sponsor, senior management and virtual attendees).

You will need to consider whether there is a need for a tiered network service, to ensure that key attendees (senior managers, press etc.) have access to sufficient bandwidth for high-speed, robust connections.

And, of course, attendees would want reassurance that the network connection is secure. Without expert planning, wireless networks can be open to breach and we know that there are venues where this is a serious issue.

You may already have had network feedback on events you have managed and it is important to use any data you have gathered from previous events to improve your meeting design, and so maximise your event ROI.

It’s often forgotten, but you do need to check what other conferences are taking place during the duration of your conference as this could have a serious effect on the quality and availability of network connectivity.

Remember too, that all areas of the venue are not equal with regards to bandwidth usage and you need to predict the usage patterns in, for example the general public area, the pre-event gathering space, the conference area itself, and of course, the guest rooms.

Our Network Site Survey Check List for event planners will be available shortly but in the meantime, if you have any questions or views, please do add them by way the comment panel below.


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